Delivering resource efficiency and responsible business solutions

Who We Are

RHP is a boutique, specialist constancy business based in Oxfordshire, England. Working with the hospitality & tourism sector, our passion is to deliver sustainable business solutions that work for clients, consumers and communities.

RHP aim to bridge the gap between CSR ambition and on the ground delivery. We have access to a diverse range of expert skills and knowledge within our team but the thing our team members have in common is a passion about hospitality and tourism, desire to deliver a sustainable future for business and a belief that the hospitality and tourism industries have huge potential to do good.

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Rebecca Hawkins

Rebecca Hawkins - RHP Limited

Rebecca is the boss.. this is her story!

Rebecca founded RHP in 2010 and is the Managing Director. She has provided resource saving advice to organisations across the hospitality/food-service, tourism and waste sectors over the last few decades as well as being a leading academic in her field.

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Michelle Rowe

Michelle Rowe - RHP Limited

Michelle, is a Director and this is her story!

Michelle has worked in the environmental sector for 14 years, focusing on preventing waste and getting more stuff recycled. Michelle is a seasoned Project Manager (which makes her sound old, but she’s not really) and manages a range of high profile projects with RHP as well as doing some of the behind the scenes day to day work for the business.

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Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane - RHP Limited

Andrew is RHP’s Non-executive Director.. this is his story.. Andrew has worked in the foodservice industry for over 30 years (and doesn’t mind us telling you) and has a detailed understanding of the market and its structure.

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Jo Hansen

Jo works on projects and other things, this is her story…

Jo has worked in the hospitality and tourism sector for 20 years and completed a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2009. Blending her sales, marketing and events experience with her values in promoting sustainable development, Jo works passionately to create win-win-win situations for all.

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Our associates

Sometimes we need extra resource and expertise and we have an excellent network of trusted (and lovely) associates who deliver just that. This is some off them and this is their story…

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