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Our associates

RHP have an excellent network of trusted (and lovely) associates who we work with frequently.  It helps us deliver the right expertise, at the right time so we can deliver the best project for you.  Here are some of the team that work with us …

Karen Fletcher

Karen has worked with RHP since 2011, bringing with her over twenty years of experience from the hotel sector and helping the hospitality industry to progress environmental performance and corporate responsibility.

Karen’s experience with multinational hotel companies includes training, management development and creating environmental management systems for hotels.  In 1994, Karen helped to establish and then directed the International Hotels Environment Initiative, a non-profit organisation which pioneered the establishment of environmental awareness and management in the industry world-wide.

Karen has a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Management and a Masters in Environmental Management. She is the author of several environmental management books and guides for hotels and her passion for making hotels environmental champions continues, unabated!


Sean Owens

Sean has more than twenty years’ experience in international tourism, including managing hotels, as well as in the development of sustainable tourism strategy for the world’s largest tour operator.  In 2014 he founded Thinking Tourism and has worked with RHP on several projects since.


Vic Sims

Vic began working as an associate to RHP during her Masters programme at Oxford Brookes a few years ago. With a background in public administration and education, Vic became interested in issues of food sustainability (which we are pleased about!) and she completed research into teenage dietary choices, interpretations of local food, and the challenges of sustainable engagement for restaurants.

She is also a volunteer with Plan Zheroes, researching and compiling articles for their newsletter which focuses on the redistribution of surplus food. As a founder member of a local restaurant business, she supports the kitchen in finding local sourcing opportunities and has helped them to achieve the maximum three star award from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. This experience has provided a valuable insight into the practical issues faced by organisations looking to improve social, economic and ecological sustainability, but also fuels her desire to work more widely in this field.

Vic has worked for RHP on food waste workshops, research, writing and editing stuff.


Kristina Bull

Kristina set up Wellington Green Consulting (a project and event management specialist company) in January 2012 and has frequently worked for RHP since then.

Kristina has worked in the field of sustainable business for over 10 years now, working with a wide range of industries, including construction, clothing retailers and hospitality and foodservice.


Jo Hansen

Jo has worked in the hospitality and tourism sector for 20 years and completed a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2009, firmly cementing her values in promoting sustainable development.  After traveling extensively (throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America) she has built up a first-hand knowledge of the many responsible tourism and hospitality issues and then settled back in the UK (not before working on a grassroots project in Cambodia to build bridges between poverty alleviation and tourism).