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Who We Are

Rebecca Hawkins

Rebecca founded RHP in 2010 and has provided resource saving advice to organisations across the hospitality/food-service, tourism and waste sectors over the last decades.

She is a resource management specialist and has undertaken training in ISO 14001 implementation. She also writes tourism strategies and has delivered them across the globe from South Africa to Romania and the UK.

Rebecca has a PHD and is a leading author and academic for the sector on resource efficiency and recently, published ‘Responsible Hospitality, Theory and Practice’ – which is recognised as ‘the complete handbook for corporate responsibility in the hospitality industry’.

Rebecca oversees RHP contracts and has an extensive insight into the sector. She develops most of the RHP training materials and runs many of the strategic workshops.

Rebecca has delivered resource efficiency review for one of our international contract catering business clients and is currently leading the RHP initiative to deliver €3 million of savings to 60 hotels throughout Europe.