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Our associates

RHP delivers many of its projects with an excellent network of trusted associates.  Our associates include:

Jason Freezer

Jason Freezer is the manager of Bright Side Consulting and brings a wealth of experience from his days working with VisitEngland to provide advice and support on destination management.

Victoria Pirie

Victoria works across the arts, heritage and creative industries. She brings an understanding of the creative sector, culture and tourism through her work as joint author of a number of culture and tourism strategies, including the Dorset Culture and Tourism Action Plan (2015; subsequently implemented through RHP’s work in Dorset), and the development of the Wessex Museum Partnership’s culture and tourism plan. Her work on placemaking includes several Business Improvement Districts’ engagement with place branding and heritage for Historic England (2016), and at a local level assessing the impact on Boscombe of the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe festival, part funded by the local BID (2018 and continuing). She explored intangible cultural heritage as part of place in research for the National Lottery Heritage Fund on the impact of their work in this area (2016). Victoria understands the national operating context for the creative and cultural sector, including skills and economic development from her work at Creative & Cultural Skills; and business resilience and sustainability with research for Arts Council England (ACE) on Museums and Change (2017), Local Authority Museums and Resilience (2015), and the Economic Impact of Museums (2014). Currently she is part of team looking at the impact on local museums, communities and places of ACE’s Museum Development Fund (2018-2022).

Sara Uzzell

Sara has spent her career in marketing and business development. A chartered marketer for over 25 years, she has a strong track record of delivering transformational change through innovative marketing projects. Sara’s career started in London working in market research and branding and managing major marketing projects for international companies. She takes a pragmatic approach and has successfully delivered complex marketing projects with multiple stakeholders. A keen networker and collaborator, Sara has pro-actively worked with organisations in all tourism trade sectors to ensure collaboration in destination marketing, in her roles as a director of the Bournemouth Business Improvement District and chair of the Bournemouth and Poole Tourism Marketing Group. Since 2016 Sara has been a private sector board member for the Dorset Local Enterprise partnership and the Dorset Tourism Association.

From 2003-2018 Sara was owner of a successful hotel and hospitality business in Bournemouth which focused on developing packages and experiences to create a unique and distinctive offering for groups and around special interests. She has direct experience of delivering and measuring the results of campaigns using traditional channels, as well as digital, social and influencer marketing platforms and PR, and is passionate about tourism in Dorset.


Carole Favre

Carole Favre is the owner of The Fabulous Tourism Academy, an online teaching and coaching platform for women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging destinations. She works in destinations to develop unique and creative experiences, helping countries gain market advantage by helping them capitalise on their unique selling points to create unique experiences. She is an experienced Tourism Lecturer and Consultant, specialising in teaching small tourism businesses how to access markets. In the UK, Carole started her tourism career as a Travel Agent specialising in adventure and youth travel. She quickly became a Lecturer in Tourism, teaching, writing and managing tourism A-level and undergraduate programmes. She holds a DUT en Techniques de Commercialisation (French degree in business and retail), a first-class Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Administration (Distinction), and a Masters in Responsible Tourism Management (Distinction, voted Student of the Year 2013 by the ITT). She has written the manual ‘How to sell excursions to UK Tour Operators’ (published by the Travel Foundation in English, French and Portuguese), as well as articles in The Hospitality Review and Progress in Responsible Tourism.

Carole is strongly committed to Responsible Tourism practice. Her work takes place mainly in small emerging and island destinations, contributing to poverty alleviation by facilitating access to western markets.


Alessandra Alonso

Alessandra is one of the most dynamic women in tourism, the founder of social enterprise Women in Travel. She is a well-respected gender expert who also specialises in mentoring, coaching and nurturing new entrepreneurs.


Patricio Gonzalez Morel

Patricio is a mechanical and environmental engineer with 22 years of experience in helping hotels become more profitable and sustainable by improving the efficiency with which they use water, energy, materials and chemicals in their facilities and operations. Having conducted detailed sustainability assessments in more than 300 hotels around the world, he knows first-hand that low-cost and high-return technical and operational upgrades can  significantly reduce the operating costs and the environmental footprint of hotels. He is, in our view, the best technical energy and water consultant for hotel companies out there.


Jason Freezer

Jason Freezer is the manager of Bright Side Consulting and brings a wealth of experience from his days working with VisitEngland to provide advice and support on destination management.


Blue Contec

Blue Contec is a German based consultancy with many years of experience as expert energy and water consultants, working exclusively in the tourist sector. RHP and Blue Contec have partnered on a number of international projects with resource efficiency their joint speciality.


Anna Pollock

Anna is a researcher, strategist and change catalyst serving the international tourism and hospitality sector. Anna works at the interface between people and places to engage hearts and minds in supporting the development of a tourism strategy that can be managed with respect for the interdependence and contentedness of all life and in harmony with the laws of nature.

Describing herself as a sense maker, communicator and catalyst, Anna has the knack and drive to delve beneath surface details in order to discern and describe the shape and power of underlying forces.