Delivering resource efficiency and responsible business solutions

What We Do

Doing business better

RHP can assist hospitality businesses reduce energy and water costs by at least 6% with some simple, easy changes in everyday practices. Our team of consultants will work with General Managers and their teams, on the ground, to find the best saving opportunities offering on-going support to ensure your goals are met.

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Training – reduce costs, enthuse and reinvigorate your teams

Do you fancy reducing resource consumption by 5% or more? Quality training can deliver this and we deliver high quality training!

Training can help reduce costs, minimise resources and achieve responsible business goals. Investing in your training, enables your business to communicate good practice, creates the buy-in and commitment from your teams and make positive changes happen.

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Offer consultancy and boardroom support

RHP have successfully worked with many senior management teams across a spectrum of hospitality and tourism businesses to help support them in fact-finding, the adoption of responsible business initiatives and to develop the tools required to deliver results.

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Provide workshops & facilitation – Helping you find your own solutions

Our facilitation skills lie at the heart of all our projects. We have facilitated workshops across a wide range of business areas, from supporting senior directors in the redesign of a responsible business initiative to enthusing staff to become active members of a responsible business project.

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Select, develop and co-ordinate Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

RHP can help you develop a succinct framework and process that helps you to manage the environmental impacts that effect your business and finds cost savings that will positively impact your bottom line. We eliminate scary paperwork that you don’t have time for!

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Research, define and instigate bespoke research projects

From working out how much waste is produced by the UK hospitality sector, to identifying the type of food that will be on the menu in 10 years time to working out cost savings on consumption throughout a major tour operator or looking at the social impacts on a travel destination and evaluating the triple bottom line there – our research team have a proven track record in providing high quality research outputs.

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Provide tools to support your initiatives

RHP have developed a suite of on-line, in print and electronic tools (backed up with people) for our clients. Sometimes they are bespoke and sometimes they are available to meet the needs of a wide audience. Whatever the mode of delivery, our tools are different because they are easy to use and deliver solutions in a format that makes sense for your business.

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