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Anna Pollock

Anna is a researcher, strategist and change catalyst serving the international tourism and hospitality sector.  Always “ahead of her time” she is a visionary, who is passionate about the capacity of tourism and hospitality organisations to generate well-being, wealth and welfare for people and places.  She works at the interface between the people and places to engage hearts and minds in supporting the development of tourism that can be managed with respect for the interdependence and connectedness of all life and in harmony with the laws of nature.

Describing herself as a sense maker, communicator, and catalyst, Anna has a knack and drive to delve beneath surface details in order to discern and describe the shape and power of underlying forces. She is driven by curiosity, delights in finding patterns and asking questions and is comfortable assuming the mantle of “constructive non-conformist.”  As such, she has become one of the leading voices in shaping thinking about over-tourism and is actively working in Flanders on this issue.