Gram UK's Go Green Debate!

Once again Rebecca Hawkins, Managing Director of RHP, has taken to the webinar stage to present alongside Cyrus Todiwala (Café Namaste) , Simon Frost (The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association – CESA) and Glen Roberts, Managing Director of Gram.

The panel discussion was focused on BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE SKILL SET: From classroom to kitchen, is sustainability on the training agenda? The discussion was hotly discussed on twitter using #thegogreendebate. The discussion highlighted the importance of training. It is clear that real change will only emerge once green issues become second nature. As Cyrus said, this has to start in school and then continue throughout education and the work place. We agree. When training is delivered to staff in the sector, too much of it is based around big issues like climate change rather than the behaviour changes that will make a difference. As we are always keen to point out at RHP, training is fundamental but it has got to be delivered in a way that inspires a change in daily practices from the kitchen to the cloakroom and the bathroom to the bedroom.

For us, this means ensuring that staff value what they are being asked to do and feel valued for doing it. All too often the value part of the equation is forgotten with dull energy efficiency posters being used as poor substitutes for proper training.

The webinar was the first in a new series run by Gram UK, manufacturers of popular energy efficient/environmentally friendly commercial refrigeration equipment for the UK foodservice industry. Here’s just a flavour of the tweetings of the twitterati that followed the debate

“Highlights much of what the foodservice industry can be doing to raise the awareness of sustainability”

“We need more leaders like @ctodiwala to teach the sector and corporate companies what needs to be done, and how”

“Great to see @ctodiwala leading the way. Hope young chefs are watching.”

“There needs to be greater incentives – eg. equipment grants – to make students more aware of rewards of sustainability”

The feedback using #TheGoGreenDebate on Twitter was highly positive and followers said it ‘made for interesting listening’, ‘a great debate’ and ’looking forward to the next one’.

Here’s the recording if you have an hour to spare.

Here are some interesting twitterers who were involved in the debate who you might find interesting to follow; @gramukgreen, @ctodiwala @thehubpr, @WilliamMurrayPR, @Pantelli_Fresh, @CESAuk and @FEjournal.

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