Last call to be FoodWise!

Rhp’s input into the FoodWise programme is coming to a close (we still have a couple of business support visits available, so if you are a SME located in the South East and would like some FREE advice & support on improving profitability, get in quick!).

The team have been amazed by the level of engagement among some of the businesses that we have worked with, but also by the levels of savings that can be made.

Energy costs have been our biggest surprise, with many businesses not renegotiating their energy contracts and still paying 12p or more per kilowatt hour for their electricity and 5 or 6p for their gas. If these figures sounds familiar, it is times to investigate the alternative options, the going rates for energy contracts have reduced significantly over the last 12 months and the savings that you can accrue will easily pay (and then some) for the couple of hours investment time it will take to switch contracts. In fact, new Government regulations specifically for small and micro businesses mean that switching could not be easier – for more information on how, check out ofgem;

Waste has also been an issue that we have returned to regularly. Many of the businesses that we visited have had limited opportunities to make savings through food waste prevention (not least because they were getting good at it already) but the opportunities for cost (and waste to landfill) reduction through recycling, however, are significant. If you are still paying for your glass to be landfilled or are disposing of cardboard in your general waste, now might be time to review whether you can save money by doing the right thing and recycling. Food waste recycling is more tricky and while some urban businesses can get it collected on a cost effective basis, more rural businesses struggle with this. Businesses do need to be careful when looking options to dispose of their food waste. WRAP has some helpful advice on the subject and the legislation;

Some of the other regular themes we have come across on the FoodWise programme that have cost saving opportunities include:

  • Buying cleaning chemicals in concentrated format (or switching to eco-cloths),
  • using refillable containers, negotiating frequently with food suppliers,
  • switching to seasonal products,
  • installing energy efficient lamps,
  • insulating boiler pipes and
  • switching stuff off when not in use!

The programme has helped lots of busy SME’s across the South of England already and if you would like to be another one of them and put some extra £ in your profit line and Green in your credentials – come along and join us at one of the FoodWise events!

On the 17th September in Oxford or the 18th September in Hastings – you have the opportunity to find out more about easy ways to waste less and save more. So don’t hang around – flex you finger on your mouse, sign in and sign up

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