Make your business New Year resolutions responsible ones…

The New Year is well and truly underway and in the week where resolutions are broken, we thought we would inspire you to make some with our predictions of what’s hot for responsible businesses in 2014… so here are our top 5

Waste not want not. Attitudes towards food waste within the industry will continue to shift. How the sector manages Food Waste will climb higher on the priority list, partly as part of a strategy to reduce procurement costs, but also with rising public interest in the subject. The smart business will see more than just a cost reduction opportunity; food waste prevention and recycling activities could be an insurance policy against food inflation (and volatility) and an opportunity to demonstrate responsible credentials, engage in community schemes and generate positive PR. There is uneaten but edible food for redistribution, there is micro and macro composting to do (supporting the ideas of Folk to Folk food) and energy (and fertiliser) generation to feed with food waste.

Efficiency gains. Recessionary times have meant that many of the businesses we work with have tightened their belts and we have helped them deliver reductions in energy and water costs. The brighter economic outlook does not mean that these programmes will end, more an opportunity to invest in a leaner, greener future. The smart companies will maintain their programmes and invest in staff training –changing the behaviour of your team and keeping skills refreshed can deliver some of the best efficiency savings. Here’s the plug… Our resource efficiency work delivers savings of 2 – 20% Click here to see how.

Supply and demand. It is no secret that the largest environmental footprint of many hospitality businesses lies not in their operations but their supply chain. Getting real value from responsible business will mean working through the supply chain to increase quality and find cost savings. The big businesses are taking the lead and developing expertise in its supply chain management, but the principles apply to us all.

Transparency. Greenwash doesn’t do – the appetite and opportunity to ‘out’ those businesses (and large international ones) who flaunt green or ethical credentials that they can’t evidence remains strong particularly in an age of fast moving social media. Beware business displaying the purchased but not earned green logo, beware the business who cut the cost and not the carbon!

Fair employment. With the economy on the mend and the cost of living in the limelight, there is little doubt that political attention will turn once more to the minimum wage and growing discussions and promotion of the ‘the living wage’ concept. The employment profile for many hospitality companies and the nature of the sector could mean that it will be in the limelight (BHA are already engaged in this debate, so watch this space)…

Of course, those with responsible business policies will have already thought through the most effective responses to these issues…those who don’t yet, might want to give us a call!

Make your business New Year resolutions responsible ones… give us a call!