Open Training Day – 5th March, Central London

Tracking and monitoring environmental impact matters!

Once again we’re tackling waste management and resource efficiency, but this time we’ll be in the centre of London training the next generation of CSR professionals in the hospitality sector.

Boardrooms, banks and customers are increasing their interest in how hospitality businesses manage their resource consumption and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), are you?

On Thursday 5th of March RHP Ltd have once again teamed up with HOSPA in helping the industry make savings through easy tangible techniques to positively impact your bottom lines, improve your environmental credentials and increase customers.

In the morning the 4 hour session is aimed at finance managers to;
• introduce sustainability concepts
• help you understand how to calculate potential resource cost savings in your business
• implement steps to ensure they are achieved
• show you how to present these to your board
• utilise payback, return on investment and other methodologies to assess the value of resource efficiency programmes and
• understand responsible business reporting in broader financial and corporate reports

In the afternoon, the 3.5 hour afternoon session is aimed at kitchen brigades, food buyers and food and beverage personnel to;
• help discover where and why food waste arises in your business
• understand how much it is costing you
• know how to prevent it

Each session is open to hospitality professionals looking to gain market advantage by improving costs and ‘responsible’ business profiles. It’s an opportunity too good to waste!

Book your places online for Sustainability for Finance Managers and for Waste Management or call 0845 591 3635 or email [email protected]

Download more information about Sustainability for Finance Managers
Download more information about Waste Management Training