Rebecca in print… a new book on Food Ethics

Rebecca has recently contributed to a new book ‘Food and Drink – The Cultural Context’, edited by Donald Sloan. Here’s a taster of what she’s been writing about….

Food ethics is becoming increasingly important to the consumer and to business, this book explores the complex relationships between food & drink, and individuals and society. The issues are complex and have vast ethical dimensions, especially when considering there are seven billion mouths to feed in the world today – a number set to increase to nine billion by 2015.

Five modern dilemmas around food are explored; Hunger, Obesity, Technology, Waste and Environmental Impacts – there is some uncomfortable dichotomy’s. Although we produce more food at lower prices than at any other point in history, millions of people live in hunger. Science and technology have rendered once underproductive land fertile and yet thousands of acres become barren each year from poor agricultural practices.

• Global distribution systems have combined with refrigeration to facilitate widespread access to fresh produce in all corners of the earth, yet one third of the food that is produced perishes before it gets to market
• Developments in genetics have produced super-resident crops, but consumers are afraid to eat them
• Millions go hungry and the health of thousands is threatened by obesity caused by excess
• We value freshness but consume more processed foods than ever before
• International trade is in food thrives and yet Governments covet food security
• Genetic biodiversity is considered fundamental to food security and yet monocultures dominate

“The book can be purchased by clicking here!“