The good, the bad and the ugly… the story of the green logo.

At RHP we might have mentioned before (last week in fact!) the idea of a certification logo being a badge of honour, the glitter on top of the real engine of culture, commitment, enthusiasm and processes that deliver sustainability for your business.

There is a whole host of logos and green schemes out there with just as many opinions on which ones are the good, bad, and ugly greenwash. Added to this is the on going debate of which ones hold any meaning with your customers. Well, watch out for another scheme entering the arena… TripAdvisor (definitely a brand with meaning to customers!) GreenLeaders Program.

Businesses that sign up to the scheme can shout their green credentials through a gold, silver, bronze or platinum logo depending on their level of achievement (or as a green partner if they meet the minimum scheme requirements).

What’s different? Well just like the very powerful customer review approach of Tripadvisor, the GreenLeader Program also employs a “rated by customers” theme. Customers can see a full list of what green practices the business operate with a couple of clicks on the website. Customers are invited to comment on them, matching their experience with the logo and providing the opportunity to find any greenwash. Travellers to businesses signed up on the scheme can report when reality doesn’t match with the policy and report false information (which could trigger a third party audit).

TripAdvisor is a well-known brand. Not every traveller will click and review, but I think we all know the power of those who do, so the moral of the tale is… logos are a badge of honour, the glitter on top of the engine of; culture, commitment, enthusiasm and processes… the things that deliver sustainability for your business.

Oh… and of course the other moral (well blatant plug actually.. no moral) is the thing that can deliver the culture, commitment, enthusiasm and processes is rhp!

Go on, give us a call – 0845 5913635- we can help get your logos shinning and even when the canniest customer scratches behind them they will find good business (sustainable business).

19th March 2014