What we do

Delivering responsible business

Formal and documented CSR programmes provide a comprehensive framework within which all social and environmental activities from the business can be managed.  Most CSR programmes also have systems and processes to collect data and report progress.   Formalising environmental and social activities within CSR initiatives can have a range of knock on benefits that go over-and-above those that can be accrued from environmental programmes alone.  These can include: enhanced staff morale, increased staff retention & productivity,  improved community relations,  enhanced customer loyalty,  assurance that legal requirements are being met and greater access to contracts and capital for new developments.  So, for many organisations, CSR is not only the right thing to do – it is also the best thing to do for business!

We have a suite of tools that help you develop and deliver CSR programmes, including:


Green Tracker –  A single easy to navigate and multilingual tool that provides individual units with all of the information they require to implement and report on CSR programmes.  Green Tracker allows your team to access granular information about how they should implement specific tasks; managers to review the range of actions that are in progress in individual units and CSR coordinators to collate data about CSR Achievements in a fast and simple way from units across the globe.

Supply chain audits –  designed to identify whether they meet an organisations CSR expectations and/or comply with expected legal minimum standards (including regulations such as Modern Slavery )

Training – developed to support the development of your staff to ensure CSR programmes are delivered across all units.

Certification schemes support – helping you identify which external certification schemes (such as Green Key, Travelife, Green Globe and ISO 14001) could add value to (and be achievable by) your business.

We have worked with:

A major international tour operator –  to audit the extent to which their supply chain meets their CSR policies

Destination management organisations  – to create materials to support tourism businesses in developing CSR/sustainable tourism programmes,

A major contract catering business – to support CSR implementation across their business units

A food service operator –  to identify key future trends in sustainable food and their implications for the company’s in-house CSR programme

A major educational establishment –  to develop their CSR and sustainability educational tools for in-classroom and online delivery