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Developing the visitor economy to maximise the benefits for locals as well as tourists requires strong partnership working.  RHP have successfully delivered projects with a diverse set of partners and stakeholders to help places thrive, here is a sample of some of them…

Helping your visitor economy thrive – Sherborne

With an aspiration to attract and sustain more visitors and residents to the town and a wealth of cultural and heritage assets, RHP was asked to help reinvigorate Sherborne’s visitor economy and gain long term benefits for business, community and culture.

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Dorset Culture and Tourism Strategy Implementation

Working with the Arts Development Company, we created a series of activities to support the better integration of the culture and tourism sectors for the economic benefit of both.

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RHP facilitated the process and developed the guidelines for Bird Friendly Tourism for Birdlife International & UNDP.  We have provided an excerpt of the final document here.

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