What we do

Facilitating change

We can help organisations understand the drivers of change and support the development of policies and strategies to adapt and thrive.  In particular, we support organisations by:

  • Facilitating dialogue between stakeholders, identifying common ground, extending networks and supporting the development of agreed actions to deliver mutual ambitions.  Read some examples of how we have done this here and here  
  • Developing policies and guidelines for cross sector collaborations or for more ethical practices.
  • Implementing research. High quality research is a backbone of any effective strategy for delivering change. We have a track record in delivering high quality research, for example:

Creating the evidence base used by WRAP that underpinned the development of its Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (now part of the Courtauld Agreement); supporting the development of tourism strategies for a range of national and international audiences, ; developing and reviewing strategic guidance on sustainable food procurement; and testing interventions that reduce resource consumption in businesses to ensure their efficacy.

Testing resource efficiency interventions within hotel companies and measuring impacts in different contexts

Assessing the environmental impacts of different procurement choices throughout their life cycle.