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What We Do

Provide workshops & facilitation – Helping you find your own solutions

Getting people in a room together, providing thinking space and great facilitation is sometimes all that a business needs to resolve issues and kick start change.

RHP can provide a fresh approach to work-shopping solutions, provide innovative facilitation and following up with you to make sure actions and change happen.

Our facilitation skills lie at the heart of all our projects. We have facilitated workshops across a wide range of business areas, from supporting senior directors in the redesign of a responsible business initiative to enthusing staff to become active members of a responsible business project. We like to do it a bit differently offering something more than a flip chart and boardroom table to get you thinking as well as following up with you to make change happen.

We often facilitate meetings across the hospitality sector that bring together individuals from a range of businesses to discuss key sector issues and identify strategic priorities.

It can be a tricky art to master, but we have a strong track record and work with a number of clients to engage them in identifying common issues and solutions. For example, we have been working with WRAP to support national strategies to prevent waste across the sector.

We’re here to help and happy to chat through your requirements either over the phone, at your place or ours. Please email us at or call us on 0845 5913 635.

Some other examples of our experiences in facilitation include:

  • A meeting between senior managers of 20 food service organisations to discuss the significance of sustainable food to their business and to identify key challenges from the industry. With John Elkington and Tim Laing making keynote presentations, this event reflected on challenges for the sector.
  • A meeting between senior directors to reinvigorate a sustainability programme that had ceased to deliver results. Delivering, a new way of looking at the initiatives and a refreshed approach to engage staff with the initiative.
  • A steering group to identify waste prevention opportunities for the industry and how best to communicate those opportunities in a range of media.
  • A policy forum for tourism professionals to identify and define sustainable tourism priorities within a national tourism strategy.

Please email us at or call us on 0845 5913 635